What is Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

Unshaven hair transplantation is a method mostly preferred by women who do not want to have their hair cut. With this method, hair transplantation is performed without shaving the front, side and upper parts of the hair. Generally, this hair transplant is preferred for those with long hair.

In the unshaven hair transplantation process, only the back of the head is used as a donor, and since this area is not visible from the outside, it is not obvious that the person has transplanted hair. This method of hair transplantation is used especially in problems such as partial shedding and gaps in between.

How is Unshaved Hair Transplant Performed?

Before the procedure, ideas are exchanged between the doctor and the patient. The patient’s complaints and demands are listened to. A treatment plan is made accordingly. Possible complications are explained to the patient. The hair transplant line is determined.

Then the hair is washed and a special sterilization is applied to the hair. Afterwards, the back of the head is shaved between 2-4 cm according to the need.

Hair follicles are collected from the nape area, which is non-shedding. In the meantime, a liquid called saline is applied so that the patient does not feel pain and pain.

The direction and angle of the hairs are adjusted in the area to be transplanted. Then, the hair follicles taken are placed in the channels opened by the physician. Finally, a hair strengthening course is applied to the hair, allowing it to heal faster and make the hair stronger. Dressing is applied at the end of the procedure.

Methods of Unshaven Hair Transplantation

FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods are unshaven methods. In this method of shaving, both techniques are generally preferred. In completely unshaven hair transplantation, the number of grafts collected should be less than 1000.

In addition, the small area to be planted also facilitates the process. In both methods, hair follicles are transferred from one place to another by using specially designed needles of different thickness depending on the hair type.

For Whom is Unshaven Hair Transplantation Performed?

It is preferred in women who experience hair loss.

If there is not enough hair in the forehead area, hair transplantation may be preferred.

If there is hair loss in certain parts of the head, this method can be preferred.

This method of hair transplantation can be used in those who have partial hair loss due to any accident or burn.

What are the Advantages of Unshaven Hair Transplantation?

After the procedure, you will have healthier and thicker hair than before.

The effect is seen in a short time.

With hair transplantation, the transplantation process is completed without leaving the person’s normal and social life and without waiting for the hair to grow.

With hair transplantation, the process is not noticed outside. The person can return to normal and business life on the same day.

Hair transplantation process allows the process to pass in privacy and comfort, especially for women who want privacy.

It is a painless hair transplant technique.

Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, pain is not felt.

It provides the opportunity to plant your hair without shaving. This situation also relieves the patient psychologically before the procedure.

Things to Know Before Unshaven Hair Transplant

It is important to stop smoking and consuming alcohol 15 days before the hair transplant procedure. These substances both reduce the effect of anesthesia applied during the procedure and prolong the recovery period after the procedure.

It is necessary to stop applying hair cream, gel, etc. products to the hair 15 days before.

Before the procedure, the hair must be oil-free and clean.

It is necessary to stop the use of blood thinners, aspirin, supplementary foods 15 days before the hair transplant procedure.

After the procedure, clothes such as a shirt can be worn so that the head is comfortable and not disturbing.

Disadvantages of Unshaven Hair Transplant

-Risk of infection,

-If it is not done in the appropriate area, loss of sensation in the area used as a donor,

-Completion between 4-6 sessions,

Incision opening situations can be listed as disadvantages when FUE and DHI hair transplantation techniques are used.

Results of Unshaven Hair Transplant

As a result of the procedure, the hair becomes more dense, more aesthetically pleasing and more voluminous.

With hair transplantation, hair transplantation is performed without cutting the hair and without changing the external appearance. The patient gets the desired hair in a short time. It is a method that is especially appreciated by female patients who experience partial shedding and hair loss.

What are the Differences Between Unshaven Hair Transplantation and Shaved Hair Transplantation?

Although the results of both procedures are the same, the hair is not shaved in the hair transplantation process and the external appearance does not change. This makes the patient feel better.

Unshaven Hair Transplantation for Men and Women with Short Hair

Hair follicles are collected from the back of the neck by applying FUE and sapphire FUE hair transplantation techniques for men and women with short hair. During the procedure, the nape area is shaved from the thickness of one finger and in two horizontal strips. Since the hair on the top covers this area, it is not obvious that this area has been shaved. With hair transplantation done in this way, it is possible to have thicker hair in 6-7 months without anyone noticing, comfortable and without pain.

Hair Transplantation for Men and Women with Long Hair

This method is mostly preferred in patients with long hair, as it is not desirable to shave the hair. With hair transplantation, only the nape area is used as a donor and sweaty hair follicles are collected from this area. Since the hair on the top will cover this area, the shaved area will not be visible.

Long-haired women and men have hair that looks more lush, voluminous and aesthetic without breaking away from social life in 6-7 months with hair transplantation. This positively affects the quality of life and self-confidence of the person. The most preferred method of hair transplantation for men and women with long hair is applied confidentially and the transplantation process is completed.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Reviews

“My hair loss has increased a lot. However, I was hesitant to have a hair transplant for a long time because I was afraid of the difference it would create in my appearance. After having unshaven hair transplantation, I had beautiful hair in a short time.”

“If you have long hair and hair loss, I would say apply this method without thinking. My hair looks bushy and healthier after the procedure. My doctor gave me the necessary support at every stage.”

“With unshaven hair transplantation, I had a comfortable transplantation experience without feeling any pain. I am glad that I had the hair transplant that I postponed for years. My self-confidence was restored with my new hair.”

“It was very important for me to have my hair transplanted without shaving. Thanks to my doctor, my worries were relieved. I got rid of my hair loss and got more voluminous hair.”

“The result was simply wonderful. There was intense shedding and baldness on the sides of my hair. I got my new hair painlessly without shaving my hair.”

Unshaven Hair Transplant Prices 2024

Various factors such as the hospital preferred for hair transplantation, the experience and success rates of the doctor, the width of the area to be transplanted, and the drugs used make the prices of unshaven hair transplantation variable. You can contact us immediately to get information about unshaven hair transplant prices 2024.