What is Under-Eye Light Filling?

Under-eye light filling is preferred to remove bruises and wrinkles around the eyes. These wrinkles and bruises give the face a tired and old expression. Wrinkles don’t just affect the image. The self-confidence of the person can also be damaged in this way.

Problems around the eyes can occur in anyone, regardless of woman or man. Since the under-eye areas have a special skin structure, under-eye light filling can be applied.

Since the first of the problems that occur in later ages is the eyes, it may be necessary to give priority here. Due to the reasons arising from the structure of the eye, its shape can change more quickly than other areas on the face.

How is Under-Eye Filling Made?

This under-eye filler is slightly different from other techniques. In the method used, the procedure is performed under the skin. Since many techniques are generally applied to leather, different techniques are encountered here.

The light filler given under the eyes should be applied slowly. There is no pain sensation when this procedure is performed. Generally, anesthesia is given to the people in filling procedures and the area is anesthetized. Since the gel used in under-eye filler contains anesthesia, pain is not felt after the procedure is over. Under-eye light filling can be done by women and men.

Who Can not Have Under-Eye Filling?

Although there are no side effects in the operation of under-eye light filling, it is not recommended to have this procedure done by pregnant and lactating women. It is not applied to people with flu infections. It is not suitable for people who are allergic to anything.

Children under the age of 12 cannot do this. It is not recommended to have under-eye light filling in those with thyroid disease and immune system problems. Those who are sensitive to the elements in the filler cannot do this process. Light filling is not recommended for people with vascular occlusion and those who have experienced paralysis.

Things to Know After Under-Eye Fillers

After the procedure is applied, the area should not be touched with water for 5-6 hours. Hot water should be avoided. It is necessary to pay attention to the sleeping positions. Patients have to lie on their back and should be held with the head elevated.

The first thing in under-eye light filling is not to use cosmetic products. Any product other than what the doctor recommends should not be used. Sports activities should be suspended for a certain period of time. Medicines that thin the blood should not be taken because there may be a risk of bleeding.

What To Pay Attention To After Filling?

There are some things to pay attention to after the under-eye light filling procedure. Touching around the eyes should be avoided within the first 24 hours after the under-eye filler. Ice should be applied after the operation. In the first three days, care should be taken not to make too many facial movements. Exercise or sports that require excessive movement should not be done.

It is necessary to avoid extremely hot and cold environments in the weeks after the under-eye light filling procedure. Considering these practices, it is possible to return to normal life immediately. There may be swelling that can last for a week after the application.

Which Material is Used for Under-Eye Filling?

Hyaluronic acid, which is found in classic under-eye fillers, is in the under-eye light filler. However, amino acids, antioxidants, copper and vitamin B6 are also contained in the under-eye light filling.

Thanks to zinc and copper elements, bruises under the eyes are removed. Generally, hyaluronic acid is a substance used in filling operations. This acid, which is also used in under-eye light filling, is good for bruising and wrinkles in the eyes.

How Long Is the Under-Eye Light Filling Application?

Permanence varies depending on the patient’s skin structure, gender, skin color and race. On average, it can persist for a period of 1-1.5 years.

Compared to lip fillers, under-eye fillers are more permanent. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it shows its effect and permanence for a certain period of time around the eyes. Another detail that shows the permanence of the light filling is the quality of the method used. In addition, experts must have experience.

Is the Filling Process Done in Pregnancy Period?

There is no definite information about whether or not to perform under-eye light filling while the person is pregnant. However, some people do not find it right to do this while pregnant. Although there is no medical problem, it may be appropriate to have it done after pregnancy.

It is not known whether such treatment methods are safe during pregnancy. Therefore, people who perform this surgical operation may not consider it appropriate to perform this operation.

For Which Problems Can Light Filling Be Applied?

Light filling is used to eliminate problems such as bruises, wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The places where light fillings are applied are only under the eyes. Under-eye light filling method can be applied to improve the quality of the skin around the under-eye area.

This process can be used to regain the vitality of the eyes that have lost their luminous appearance. Under-eye pits and bruises are removed, resulting in a youthful appearance.

When Should Light Filling Be Renewed?

The permanence period of the light filling is between 1-1.5 years on average and this period varies according to the person. After this period, people who want to have light filling can renew the procedure.

Since the continuity of the light filling method varies from person to person, an exact time cannot be given. However, it can be done again after 1 year on average.

Side Effects of Under-Eye Light Filling?

Since the application content is of high quality, there are no side effects in light filling. There is no harm to the eyes. Side effects that may occur after treatment may include swelling and redness. However, these pass after a short time. After the treatment, the person can return to his normal life.

When To Return to Normal Life ?

Light filling is a short-term operation. The person can return to his normal life in a short time after the procedure. There are just things to watch out for. After doing these applications, he can continue his life without any problems.

How Does Under-Eye Filling Work?

The procedure does not only remove bruises and redness under the eyes. The person looks younger and more confident after the treatment of under-eye light filling. Thanks to the professional treatment methods applied, the conditions that cause discomfort are eliminated.

Fillers are made in ways that are compatible with the skin structure and a visible difference emerges. Thanks to hyaluronic acid and poly vitamin, redness, wrinkles and bruises are easily removed. While hyaluronic acid interferes with wrinkles and bruises, poly vitamin undertakes the task of renewing cells.

How Is The Preparation Process Before Filling Operation?

If there is a drug used before the light filling procedure, this should be reported to the specialist who will perform the treatment. Medications such as aspirin and pain relievers should be discontinued a few weeks in advance.

Alcohol should not be consumed 3-4 days before the treatment. Since there are foods that prevent clotting, it is necessary to inform the doctor about these foods. If there are things that can cause infection such as acne and herpes around the eyes, this should be reported to the doctor.

Harms of Under-Eye Light Filling

Every treatment and operation carries a small risk, but professional teams prevent these risks from growing. In this way, the light filling process can be done without any problems.

The effect of light filling performed in a single session can last up to 1.5 years. Since the filling materials applied in light fillings are suitable for skin structures, there are no side effects and harms.

Those Who Have Under-Eye Light Filling

Due to aging or other reasons, the need for under-eye light filling arises. The bones around the eyes become thinner with age, and the fat ratio around the eyes appears. When this happens, fat deposits occur under the eyes. These fats accumulate and cause wrinkles and many unwanted problems.

In some cases, wrinkles and bruises become quite visible. Those who want to get rid of this image have under-eye light filling. With such operations, wrinkles and bruises are removed.

Under Eye Light Filling Prices 2024

Light filling prices vary according to the quality of the material used and the experience of the doctor. It affects the price range in the methods to be used in light filling. The price range may increase if the filler has advanced techniques.The bags, bruises that appear in the eye sockets and the detail of the procedure also affect the price. A good appearance can be achieved by choosing under-eye filling techniques. You can contact us immediately to get information about under-eye light filler prices 2024.