What is Nasal Filling?

Nasal Filling is a rhinoplasty procedure performed without the need for a surgical procedure. With the effect of age, genetic factors, sun and gravity, sagging and wrinkles on the skin and tissue loss occur over time. Filling procedures are used to replace these losses without surgery.

The nose area is one of the most important organs that first catches the eye when looking at the face and affects the image of the person. For this reason, factors such as a large, small, upright nose seriously affect the self-confidence of the person.

People who do not want to go under the knife to correct collapses and asymmetrical disorders in the nose may prefer the nose filling method. With this method, collapses, gaps and contour deficiencies in the nose can be eliminated.

This procedure, which is performed without a surgical procedure and without adversely affecting the normal life of people, is the ideal solution for those who want to have an aesthetic nose. The nose filling process is one of the easiest applications that meet the aesthetic concerns of people. The nose filling procedure can be applied to every male and female patient over the age of 18.

How is Nose Filling Made?

Before the procedure, various ideas and information are exchanged between the patient and the physician. The patient’s demands and complaints are listened to and a plan is made for an appropriate treatment. The aim of the procedure is a natural filling process that is most suitable for the face shape of the patient.

Afterwards, a digital photograph of the patient is taken and the changes that will occur on the nose are consulted with the patient. The filling process should be done by specialist physicians in sterile hospitals or clinics.

First of all, the nose area is disinfected and the process begins. Before the procedure, local anesthesia or anesthetic cream is applied in the nose area. With anesthesia, the nasal area becomes numb within 20-30 minutes. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.

Then, using very small needles containing hyaluronic acid, the areas of the nose that need it are filled. With nasal filling, the belt area that causes discomfort in the nose can be eliminated by filling both sides of the belt. In the same way, this asymmetrical appearance can be completely eliminated by filling the people with curvatures on their noses.

What Does Nasal Filling Eliminate?

It ensures the destruction of the arched structure in the nose. With the nose filling, the arched image, which is especially evident when viewed from the side profile, is destroyed or camouflaged. For this, a certain amount of filling is applied to the upper and lower parts of the nose.

The tip of the nose rises; With a tiny filling made on the tip of the nose, the nose looks more upturned and more aesthetic.

Provides removal of collapses in the nose; With nasal filling, collapse and tissue loss in the nose are eliminated.

Eliminates curvatures in the nose; Curvatures are easily camouflaged with filling.

Elimination of the remaining disorders from the previous surgeries; If the patient has undergone previous surgery and has various disorders in the nose, these can be corrected with nasal filling.

What are the Advantages of Nasal Filling?

It enables people who are dissatisfied with their nose to achieve the desired nose image without surgery and painlessly.

The desired effect is achieved in the nose in a very short time without surgical operation, with the nasal filling used to eliminate the appearance of the arch in the nose, to remove the curvatures and to provide the proportion of thin noses.

It is effective in giving the desired image on the nose of people who have had rhinoplasty before but cannot achieve the desired result.

It is a reversible procedure when the nose is not liked after having the filling done. Fillings can be melted when the result is not satisfied. This is a reassuring feature that psychologically relaxes the patient.

It easily camouflages problems such as unwanted arch and curvature in the nose.

After the procedure, the person can continue his normal and business life on the same day. There is no recovery period.

With nasal filling, health problems such as respiratory problems can be prevented without surgery.

In people with thin and disproportionate noses, aesthetic concerns can be easily eliminated with nasal filling.

In people with wide nose wings, some reduction can be achieved by applying filling.

The filler used in the filling process is a substance that is already produced in the body and is compatible with the skin. Therefore, it does not cause allergic reactions on the skin.

The filling process is a much less costly procedure than the surgical rhinoplasty.

During the procedure, the incision is not opened and there is no scar. Therefore, the patient feels psychologically comfortable.

How Long Does the Effect of Nasal Filling Last?

The process is not permanent for life. Although the effect period varies according to the person and the filling material used, the permanence period of the nasal filling is generally between 8-18 months. Fillings made after this period are absorbed by the body as they contain hyaluronic acid.

Absorbed fillers have no harm to the body. Since hyaluronic acid is a substance produced by the body itself, it does not harm the body. After the effect of the filling process wears off, it can be renewed if the physician approves.

Who Should Have Nasal Filling Operation?

People who want a small aesthetic change in their nose, who do not have major functional and aesthetic problems in the nose structure, people who do not have excessive difficulty in breathing, people who are afraid of surgical intervention can have a filling procedure. Adults with good general health can get nasal filling.

It is necessary to wait until the age of 18 for the process of nasal filling. Because the nose shape is well established until the age of 18. Pregnant and lactating mothers should postpone the procedures of nasal filling. In addition, people who need major changes in their nose and want permanent results for a lifetime will have healthier results.

Is Nasal Filling Permanent?

No. The permanence of the filling process lasts between 8-18 months.

How Long Does the Nose Filling Process Take?

The procedure takes a total of 30-40 minutes, including the duration of anesthesia.

Is Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Possible with Nasal Filling?

Yes. It is possible to gain a better nose profile and eliminate deformities in the nose with nasal filling without surgery. According to the problem in the nose or the desired shape, the filler is injected into the places needed by the physician. In this way, it is possible to easily achieve the desired nose image without surgery and painlessly.

What Happens If It Itches After Nose Tip Filling?

It is normal for the nose tip to be itchy after the filling. However, it should not be touched or scratched for 24 hours.

When to Take a Shower After Nose Tip Filling?

After the first day ,after the procedure, you can take a warm shower. However, 3-4 days must pass after the procedure to take a hot shower.

Can I Do Sports After Nose Filling?

The first 24 hours after the procedure is very important. During this period, it is necessary to be sensitive to the nose area and to avoid strenuous physical activities. After 24 hours after nasal tip filling, you can take light-paced walks.

What Are the Drugs I Should Avoid After Nose Tip Filling?

After the procedure, you should regularly use the drugs prescribed by the doctor. In this way, even if there is mild pain, it will be relieved. In the process of nasal filling, it is necessary not to use any medicine that the doctor did not give. In particular, it is necessary not to use blood thinners, aspirin and various food supplements.

Nasal Filling Prices 2024

Various factors such as the clinic chosen for the procedure, the city where it is located, the experience and success rate of the physician, the amount and quality of the filling material used affect and change the prices of the nasal filling. You can contact us immediately to get information about nose filler prices 2024.