What is Leg Lifting?

Leg Lifting is an aesthetic intervention that many men and women applied to today. Breakdowns occur in the body over time due to reasons such as age progression, pregnancy and rapid weight loss. In order to eliminate these distortions, changes in the structures and sequences of collagen and aesthetic fibers, leg lifting is performed.

Disturbances in the body are also observed in the legs. The skin on the inside of the thighs (upper legs) is of a thin structure. Naturally, it is more affected by distortions.

You can see sagging and loosening in this area. Leg lifting aesthetics is an operation performed to stretch the sagging that occurs in the inner parts of the upper leg, called the thigh, as well as to remove the fat accumulation.

The main purpose of the leg lift process is not to thin the leg area, but to eliminate the problems in this area along with the abundance of skin on the thighs. During the operation, the patient’s requests and skin quality are observed with the actual procedure.

Aesthetic procedures such as fat removal, regional thinning can also be applied with it. According to the demand, tummy tuck surgery is added to the operation.

How Long Does the Leg Lift Process Take?

This procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The operation is usually completed between 1-3 hours. Liposuction is performed for patients with thick skin.

Sagging skin is also removed by surgical procedure of fatty tissues at the same time. The operation ends with stretching of the skin. Then the stitches are removed. After the leg stretching operation, the person is discharged on the same day or the next day.

How is the Process Before Leg Lift Surgery?

The person who decides to have the surgical intervention after the examination should sleep regularly for at least 8 hours a day until the operation.

You should not take Aspirin before three weeks.

You should stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Do not use blood thinners for the last 1 week.

Painkillers should not be taken. You should consult your doctor about the painkillers you will use.

You should inform your doctor about the sedatives, antibiotics, diuretics, and other types of medications you are using before surgery. Because these drugs lower blood pressure. It can cause loss of potassium and fluid or inhibition of hormone secretion. Health conditions such as upper respiratory tract infection, pregnancy and colds should be reported to the doctor.

If a person has had an operation before and as a result has experienced side effects such as severe nausea, vomiting or bleeding after the operation, he/she should definitely inform his/her doctor. At this point, special precautions should be taken for the patient.

How is the Process After Leg Lift Surgery?

After the operation the person needs to rest. This resting period is determined by the specialist. The patient should not perform heavy exercises. You should also avoid heavy work and heavy sports until the moment when recovery has fully occurred. Only in this way can recovery be achieved in a short time. You must strictly follow the recommendations of your doctor.

Resistance is kept plugged in during the hospital stay. It is recommended to rest in the hospital for 1 day in terms of the patient’s health. You can take the first shower 2 days after the operation.

During the first week after surgery, it is recommended to bring your legs to heart level by keeping them in a lying position. Walk in a controlled manner so that edema does not occur. Do not consume cigarettes. Avoid the use of alcohol. After the procedure, there will be traces of stitches; since the leg is on the inside, the scars are not visible.

What Should I Pay Attention To After Leg Lifting?

If you pay attention to the points we have shared below after the operation, the healing process will be more comfortable. Thus, the patient can reach the result he/she expects from the operation.

What you need to pay attention to after stretching surgery;

Take care to rest for the first 3 weeks. After a month and a half, you can return to social life.

After the operation, there should be a bandage on the seam for the first 2 days. A light dressing should be applied.

There is no need to remove the stitches left under the skin. The stitches show healing within 2 weeks.

After a month, the seam scars begin to be erased. Protect the seams from the sun during this period.

You should protect the seams until the healing process. In addition, you should pay attention to hygiene and not to make heavy movements.

You can take a shower 2 days after the operation. after 3 weeks, there is no harm in doing sports activities except jogging.

For the first month, use cotton underwear and wear a corset.

What is the Success Rate of Leg Lifting?

Lifting operation is one of the most preferred surgical interventions in recent years. Nowadays, stretching surgery is often performed for female and male patients. You can get 100% successful results from the stretching process. Sagging that occurs in the leg area for various reasons can be permanently removed.

The tightening that you cannot achieve in any other method can be achieved with this process. It should be decided by the doctor whether the person is suitable for the procedure beforehand. People who are suitable for stretching can have stretching surgery without worrying about the percentage of success.

Is Leg Lift Surgery Risky?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It has the same risks that operations performed under general anesthesia carry. It is necessary to evaluate the process in detail before the procedure and to determine whether the person is ready for the procedure by the doctor.

The necessary tests should be carried out. If the doctor is chosen well, the probability of occurrence of possible risks decreases. After stretching surgery, there are situations such as infection or rarely opening of the wound site. After the operation, follow the doctor’s recommendation to the letter. In this way, you can minimize the risks.

Do I Need Additional Surgery After Leg Lifting?

After the operation, there is usually no need to perform a re-operation. After the procedure, the person’s skin tightens. The person gets rid of excess skin. They can easily continue their new life.

Sagging problem may occur due to excessive weight gain and loss again. It is recommended that the patient pay attention to weight gain and loss after surgery and do regular sports.

Will Scars Remain After a Leg Lift?

Skin sagging can be successfully removed after the procedure. The trail is indistinct. It is not noticeable because it is located on the inside of the leg. That is why the scars of the stretching operation do not cause discomfort to the person in his/her social life.

After a successful operation, if unusual situations do not occur, sagging does not occur again.

How to Decide on the Method of Leg Lifting?

First of all, a detailed examination is performed for the patient by a doctor. In this examination, the expectation of the patient from the lifting process should be correctly understood. The patient’s thigh area (upper leg) is examined. The amount of fat, the quality of the skin, the amount of sagging are important.

There may only be lubrication in the area and there may be no sagging. In this case, it is enough to carry out only the degreasing process. Thanks to this application, the leg becomes thinner and firmer.

The patient’s legs may sag and relax at the same time. In this case, the process of fat intake alone is not enough. The most successful results are obtained with the use of additional methods. That is why the examination is so important. After a healthy assessment, it is possible to decide on the method.

At What Age Can the Leg Lifting Procedure Be Performed?

This procedure can be performed for adult people of all ages. It is usually preferred by women. It also appears as a method applied to men. In order for leg stretching to be performed on a person, it should first be determined whether the general health condition is favorable.

Leg Lifting Prices 2024

The prices of the surgery differ according to the nature of the adipose tissue in the sagging area and the amount of sagging in the skin of the legs. In order to get a clear price information in leg lift aesthetics, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination. You can contact us immediately to get information about leg lift prices 2024.