What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy is the preferred method when hair loss is not prevented. Genetic factors, hormonal reasons, stress, using wrong products, hair loss after pregnancy and seasonal transitions can cause problems up to baldness.

Hair that is damaged by dye and heat treatments stops growing and it becomes very difficult to prevent hair loss. One of the most preferred methods for this is the hair mesotherapy method.

With hair mesotherapy, which is frequently preferred by women in particular, the multi-vitamins that the hair needs are injected into the hair with a needle through the skin.

It is possible to achieve the most successful results in hair loss treatment with this method. Mesotherapy is the surest solution, especially for worn out, lost vitality, shedding and non-growing hair. With this process, on the one hand, hair loss is stopped, on the other hand, the durability of the hair is increased.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

Hair mesotherapy, which is one of the most applied methods among the clinical treatment types, is applied primarily to head massage and hair thermotherapy. The purpose of this procedure is to prevent the feeling of pain. The hair is first softened using an ozonized steam and made ready for the mesotherapy process.

A computer-controlled mesotherapy gun is used in the process of hair mesotherapy. Vitamins, minerals, circulation enhancers and local anesthetic drugs are put into this gun. Then, with the needle at the tip of this gun, the drug is distributed to the scalp equally everywhere.

Who Is Hair Mesotherapy Suitable For?

If you have ringworm disease,

In seasonal hair loss,

In stress-induced hair loss,

In hair loss caused by metabolism and hormonal,

In hair loss after birth,

In hair loss on forehead,

In female and male pattern hair loss,

Hair mesotherapy is suitable for hair loss due to psoriasis.

How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

In this process, minimal doses are injected into the middle layer of the scalp using fine-tipped needles. In this way, the hair regains its lively, voluminous and healthy appearance after a few sessions. For hair mesotherapy, a solution is first prepared. The content of this solution is determined according to the needs of the person’s hair.

For this, hair type and deficiencies are determined by performing hair analyzes and various tests beforehand. Accordingly, a solution is prepared using various multi-vitamins and minerals.

This solution is injected under the skin with the mesotherapy process. In this way, stimulation occurs in that area and blood circulation increases. Since the solution used during the procedure goes directly to the hair root, faster and more efficient results are obtained.

How Many Sessions of Hair Mesotherapy are Applied?

The procedure is applied between 4-6 sessions with a break of 10-22 days, depending on the need. In the hair mesotherapy process applied per session, each session takes 40 minutes.

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Interact?

With mesotherapy, the necessary ingredients are given directly to the hair follicles. Mesotherapy begins to show its effects from the first session it is applied. Its full effect varies depending on the person’s hair quality and hair density. In general, the results of the hair mesotherapy process are clearly seen after the 3rd and 4th sessions.

Preparations Before Hair Mesotherapy

It is important to stop using alcohol and smoking 2 weeks before the procedure. Such harmful substances reduce the positive effect to be received.

Blood thinners, caffeine and derivatives should be discontinued 2 times before the procedure.

No products such as hair gel, cream and spray should be applied during the hair mesotherapy process. Before the procedure, it is sufficient that the hair is oil-free and clean.

It is recommended to come with a full stomach as the process can take a long time.

Before the procedure, the patient should definitely share with the doctor if there are chronic diseases and medications that he uses regularly.

What To And Not to Do After Mesotherapy

-Hair should be washed 3 days after the procedure.

-The bandage wrapped around the hair should be opened with the help of a physician.

-Hair should not be dyed after the procedure, and hair creams should not be used. When going out in the sun, the hair should be protected with a cotton hat.

-After the hair mesotherapy process, heat-effective products such as hair dryers and curling irons should not be used for 2-3 weeks. When drying the hair should be gently dried with a towel.

-After the procedure, you should not go to areas such as sauna and pool for 10 days.

-The area should not be massaged until the treated area is completely healed.

-In case of itching on the scalp after mesotherapy, it should not be itchy. If it is scratched, there is a risk of infection. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctor.

Features of Hair Mesotherapy Application

Hair mesotherapy is a very useful method for people who suffer from hair loss and non-growth. After the procedure, the hair becomes thicker and grows faster. Hair loss problem disappears. Taking good care of the hair after the hair mesotherapy process preserves the permanence of the process for a long time.

What are the Advantages of Mesotherapy?

It is a practical and comfortable application.

The frequency of the hair increases.

With hair mesotherapy, you get more lively, voluminous and shiny hair.

Lazy hair follicles are also stimulated with mesotherapy and hair formation is activated.

After the treatment, the hair becomes more resistant to shedding by breaking off.

The risk of side effects in the mesotherapy process is low.

Since the process directly affects the hair root, hair loss stops from the first session.

What are the Disadvantages of Mesoretapine?

After the procedure, skin redness and irritation may occur. However, these are temporary.

It is a more costly process than other methods.

As with every skin puncture, there is some pain in the hair mesotherapy process.

Is There Pain During the Procedure?

It creates some pain sensation during the procedure. In the hair mesotherapy process, some local anesthesia is used in the solution. In this way, the feeling of pain is relieved.

How Many Sessions Does the Treatment Take?

Although it varies according to the density of the hair and the person, it usually takes between 4-6 sessions. It is necessary to pass 10-22 days between each session. This is because the scalp is irritated and recovers in the process.

Should I Decide on Mesotherapy?

If there is no other solution for your hair, you can consider hair mesotherapy. However, when making a decision, you should consider your pain threshold, complications that may occur after the procedure, and each stage.

For this, it is necessary to exchange detailed ideas with your doctor before the procedure. If you are pregnant, hair mesotherapy is not suitable. Mesotherapy is not an appropriate treatment method for those with serious diseases such as Sara.

What is the Effect of Hair Mesotherapy on Hair?

The method of hair mesotherapy, which is frequently used in people experiencing hair loss, deeply nourishes and thickens the hair. It allows you to have healthier, shiny and fuller hair in a short time. Hair mesotherapy is the most effective method for hair that is worn, shed and not recovered from dyes and various chemicals.

Is Mesotherapy a Painful Treatment?

Yes. There is some pain during and after the procedure. This pain sensation varies depending on everyone’s pain threshold. It is more appropriate to decide on hair mesotherapy by trying on a small area of ​​your hair before the procedure.

Hair Mesotherapy Prices 2024

Hair mesotherapy prices vary depending on many factors such as the clinic chosen for the procedure, the experience of the doctor, the content of the solution used, the injector changes made during the procedure. You can contact us immediately to get information about hair mesotherapy prices 2024.