What is Gluteoplasty (Butt Aesthetıcs) ?

Gluteoplasty aesthetics is the type of plastic surgery preferred by those who want to shape their buttocks. The butt may lose its shape over time with weight gain, pregnancy, various activities. It is appropriate to have butt aesthetics for people who have a flatter, asymmetrical and natural shape of the butt.

It is the most preferred type of plastic surgery among body shaping surgeries. The hips are one of the organs that attract the most attention from the human body and affect the external appearance. The fact that the hips are in harmony with the whole body makes the body look more aesthetic. Having fuller, tighter and rounder hips is an important aesthetic issue for both men and women.

How is Gluteoplasty Performed ?

This type of plastic surgery is performed as butt stretching, butt straightening, butt shaping. The desired shape is given to the buttock by performing an aesthetic operation with methods such as fat transfer and implant to the buttock with tissue loss. Before butt aesthetics, an exchange of ideas is carried out between the doctor and the patient.

The patient should share their expectations, complaints, medical history and diseases, if any, and the regular medications they use with the physician. Necessary blood analyzes are performed on the patient, and the appropriate treatment method is determined and plastic surgery is planned.

In general, fat tissue taken from the patient’s own body is used to shape the butt, but filling materials are used for aesthetics in patients with insufficient fat tissue. The aesthetic operation is performed under general anesthesia and no pain is felt.

What are the Gluteoplasty Surgery Methods?

The surgical methods also vary according to the changing needs. Butt aesthetic surgery methods are as follows:

Silicone buttock prosthesis surgery: Since an incision is made between both buttocks in this method, there is a problem in sitting for a while after the surgery. Therefore, it is not preferred much.

Pop augmentation with filling: It is a type of aesthetic operation performed by placing special implants on the butt.

Butt lift with stitches: This method is not preferred much as it loses its effect within 3 months.

Butt shaping with fat injection: It gives the most natural result. Therefore, it is the most preferred aesthetic method.

Of all these methods, the most suitable one for you is determined by the physician and applied. In the meantime, the methods that will give the most appropriate results to the expectation of the patient are preferred.

Things to Consider Before Gluteoplasty

As before all surgeries, it is necessary to be careful in the process before buttock surgery. It is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol at least 3 weeks before the surgery.

However, it is absolutely necessary to stop taking blood thinners, nutrients and supplements such as omega3 before the surgery. It is also important to choose the doctor with whom you will have aesthetic surgery well in order to obtain successful results.

Who Is Suitable For Gluteoplasty ?

Those who have sagging hips as a result of weight gain and loss,

Those who have flat and indistinct hips,

It is a suitable plastic surgery for those who do not like the shape of the hip.

What are the Benefits of Gluteoplasty?

This type of plastic surgery provides:

To give the desired round, clear and upright shape to the butt,

To give the hips a younger and more aesthetic appearance,

Having folds in the lower body,

Getting rid of excess fat in the hips and buttocks,

Making the clothes worn look more attractive on the body,

Creating balance between the lower and upper body,

To provide a smooth transition from waist to butt,

To provide a smooth transition between the bottom of the butt and the legs,

It provides the balance of the waist and legs.


How Long Does Buttock  Aesthetic Surgery Take?

Although this surgery varies according to the condition of the hip and the operation performed, it is an operation that takes approximately 2-4 hours.

Am I a Suitable Candidate for Buttock Aesthetics?

If you genetically have a flat, inconspicuous hip and are not happy with it, you may consider having butt surgery. For this surgery, it is necessary to have realistic expectations and to be in good general health. In this process, you can have aesthetics by meeting with your doctor if you do not have any health problems.

Are Buttock Aesthetic Results Permanent?

The results of butt surgery performed by transferring fat to the butt area are permanent.

However, as in every plastic surgery, changes in the shape of the butt can be seen as a result of situations such as weight gain, pregnancy. For this reason, it is necessary to provide better weight control after plastic surgery.

Is Gluteoplasty a Painful Operation?

As with any surgery, it is normal to experience mild to moderate pain after aesthetic surgery. You can reduce pain by following your doctor’s supplements and using your medications regularly.

Will there be a scar after the surgery?

There are usually no suture scars after the surgery. With the developing aesthetic sector, thin melting stitches are used in operations and these stitches dissolve on their own after a while. Using a special corset after the surgery will also facilitate the process in order to pass the scars and speed up the healing process.

What Is The Recovery Process After The Operation ?

After the operation, a special corset recommended by the physician should be used. In this way, both the butt is better shaped and the healing process is accelerated. In this process, the person should avoid sitting on the butt. He should sleep face down and not sit on his bottom for at least 8 weeks.

It is normal to have bruising, swelling and edema on the hip after the surgery. With regular use of drugs and rest, these will pass. Hygiene is very important after the operation. After using the toilet, the hygiene of the butt should be provided very well.

What is the Process After Butt Aesthetics?

After the operation, the patient is discharged after staying in the hospital for one night with the permission of the physician. In this process, the special corset should be used continuously for at least 6 weeks. Tobacco and alcohol products should not be used during the recovery period, heavy sports and activities should not be done. To accelerate recovery, you should eat well and get plenty of rest.

How Long Does the Butt Lift After Gluteoplasty?

How much the butt lifts varies according to the patient’s expectation, the treatment method applied by the physician, and the amount of fat injected.

Which Methods Are Used in Butt Aesthetics?

The most commonly used methods in surgery are buttock prosthesis and fat transfer method. Fats taken from the waist, thighs and hips of the patient are injected into the hips and thus fuller, upright hips are obtained.

However, since the waist area is also thinner, a more fit image is obtained. If there is not enough fat in the patient’s body, then an incision is made on the hips and a prosthesis is placed. For some patients, both methods work together.

What are the Butt Aesthetic Stages?

First of all, fat is taken from certain parts of the patient with the liposuction technique and this fat is purified. Then, it transfers the fat by opening an incision from the predetermined butt area of ​​the patient, taking into account the melting rate of the fat.

What are the Risks of Butt Aesthetics?

There are the following risks in the surgery:


Lump formation and skin loss under the skin,

There are various risks such as excessive melting of fat in the area where fat is transferred.

Butt Lifting Prices 2024

Factors such as the general situation in the aesthetic market, the selected hospital and physician, the materials used and the method applied to the patient, the quality of the implants used make the prices of buttock aesthetics variable. You can contact us immediately to get information about butt aesthetic prices 2024.