What is Gender Reassignment?

A gender reassignment operation is the transition of individuals who feel that they belong to a different sexual identity to the same sexual identity they carry.

How to Reassign Gender?

Hospital, commission reports and a court decision are required for the gender reassignment operation, which is a surgical procedure to transform from a woman to a man or from a man to a woman.

For women who want to have a male gender, a penis is made with surgical procedures. Two methods are used for this. These are prostheses made with the skin of the forearm or the skin on the thin bone in the leg.

Gender reassignment surgeries; It consists of stages such as creating a new urinary tract, preparing the flaps that will form the penis, and a view from the lower face.

In the surgeries applied to men who want to switch to the female gender, the skin of the penis is cut all around from the bottom. It is floated and removed like a glove finger. In the skinless penis, the spongy tissues are buried under the pubic skin on both sides. Thus, puffiness is created like the big lips of the vulva.

What procedures are used for gender reassignment?

In the process of changing gender from male to female:

Breast Enlargement: In this process, which is started with hormone therapy, breast augmentation aesthetics is usually applied.

Genital Reconstruction: Creation of the clitoris, vulva, labia minora, shortening of the urethra, creation of the vagina in a way that allows sexual intercourse.

Feminizing the Masculinized Structure with Facial Aesthetics: These are lip and cheek fillings, nose aesthetics, reduction of Adam’s apples and chin reduction.

Vocal Cord Surgery: Thanks to voice therapy, it is possible to speak in the desired tone.

In the process of gender reassignment from female to male:

Mastectomy: It is the procedure that provides a flat chest structure.

Hysterectomy: It is performed in order not to use testosterone for a long time. Menstrual bleeding is also prevented in this way.

Genital Reconstruction: It includes the removal of the vagina, the creation of a penis large enough for sexual intercourse, and the lengthening of the urethra.

What to Do Before Gender Reassignment?

For transition operations, people must meet certain qualifications. Conditions in our country:

To be 18 years old,

The court’s permission

The necessity of gender change in terms of mental health

To be single

It is the absence of reproductive ability.

Gender reassignment is not only within the field of health and medicine. This process is also the subject of the legal field. Therefore, the patient must have completed the legal process before the gender change.

Recovery After Gender Reassignent

There is a serious recovery process. Sex reassignment surgeries encompass a number of operations. After the surgery, it is necessary to rest for a while in an inactive way. Those who transition from female body to male body need to be more careful. In the transition from female body to male identity, problems may be experienced in removing the breast or recovery may be delayed.

How Long Does Gender Change Take?

The medical and legal processes go one within the other. The answer to the question of how long does the process of gender reassignment take will be different for the person and the case.? The gender reassignment case has two phases within the scope of article 40 of the Turkish Civil Code.

The first of these is the case of permission for gender reassignment. The second is permission. It is a name-sex change case in the population, which is opened after the necessary medical operation.

In the process of consenting to gender reassignment, the responsible court will refer the claimant to the hospital. This process includes hormone support by the hospital. According to the related SSI circular, it does not take less than 1 year. The end of this process is completed with a permission decision by the court, following the receipt of the entire report and its submission to the court.

With the finalization of this decision, the necessary surgical process is completed. The second stage is to file a name and gender change lawsuit in the population. The process differs for each individual. It is usually between one and two years on average.

The 1-year hospital follow-up mentioned in the first case may take a shorter time if the person received hormone support and hospital registration before the lawsuit process.

Who Makes Gender Reassignment?

When both sexes want to change their gender, they first apply to the court. Once approved by the court, gender reassignment surgery can be performed. The process is started by the hospital.

When a man wants to be a woman, the penis has to be removed. For this reason, this procedure is performed by urologists. The vagina is completed with the shaping of the plastic surgeon. The construction of the vagina can be obtained from the skin belonging to the penis.

When this process is completed, hormone monitoring is performed in the person. Thus, the necessary treatment process begins. Hormone support may be required in the ongoing process. In such cases, this is completed with supplements.

The transition from male to female is easier. We can say that the transition from femininity to masculinity is a little longer and more difficult. First, breast surgery is performed. Removal of breast organs is performed by plastic surgeons.

Another important factor is the creation of the penis organ, which must be done from the beginning. When the time determined for this is completed, the formation of the penis is provided by the skins taken from the appropriate parts of the person’s body by plastic surgeons.

What is Post-Gender Reassignment Care?

The process after gender reassignment is very important. Because in the process of transforming a woman into a man and a man into a woman, some personal care needs to be changed. The condition of the patient should be taken into consideration in order for the procedures to be concluded positively. Afterwards, the doctor is informed about the appropriate care.

What is the Legal Aspect of Gender Reassignment?

The person who decides to change gender definitively must file a lawsuit in the court of first instance against the population directorate of the region. After the litigation process, a gender reassignment operation can be performed with the permission obtained within the scope of Article 40 of the Turkish Civil Code.

Reproductive deprivation is at the forefront of the conditions stipulated in the court process. The reason for this condition is the termination of the reproductive functions of the transgender person after the surgery.

In addition, reproduction occurs as a result of the inability to terminate the reproductive function in any situation experienced during the operations; It can cause problems in the field of genealogical law.

How Does the Person Feel?

In the post-operative period, the person should receive psychological support when necessary. However, before the operation, the person must be checked by psychiatrists in order to pass the operation in question.

Physically, the person is informed for positive and negative results. Thus preparing for this process. In our country, 70 out of 100 people who want to change their gender apply this method to have a female body.

We should also underline that those who want to switch to the opposite sex medically and homosexuality are different concepts. If the person is not happy to live in the body he was born in and this affects his social and business life as well as his human relations, the operation of gender reassignment is inevitable.

What are the Reasons of Gender Reassignment?

Hormone controls differ depending on experience and feeling. Even if everything seems normal in hormone controls, in some cases, the person’s feelings may be different.

For this reason, many people today suppress this feeling due to family-environment pressure and get married and have children. But since he cannot prevent his feelings, he may feel stuck both socially and personally.

Various factors can be mentioned as to why people want to change their current gender. However, different factors such as the hormonal status of the person, the social environment, the geography where he was born and grew up appear.

Gender Reassignment Prices 2024

Gender reassignment surgeries vary according to men and women. Due to the different transactions, the gender change price information also varies. You can contact us immediately to get information about gender reassignment prices 2024.