What is Dermapen?

Dermapen is the process of correcting the cosmetic defects on the skin by stimulating it with a device containing micro-level needles. With this method, also known as dermaroller and collagen induction therapy, the upper layer of the skin is peeled off in a controlled manner and new and healthy skin is provided from the bottom.

Today, skin deterioration, staining, wrinkles and various problems occur due to living conditions, make-up, nutritional disorders, stress and age. Having a problematic skin affects both the physical and psychological structure of the person negatively. To correct these, it is necessary to take advantage of the innovations of technology.

Dermapen application provides removal of blemishes, roughness and acne scars on the skin by using micro needling technique. Thanks to the procedure, it is possible to achieve a tighter, smoother and brighter skin. Dermapen is an application that is widely and successfully applied all over the world.

How is Dermapen Applied?

The procedure is applied with a device containing very small needles called dermapen. The needles in the device are vibrating and are gently moved over the top layer of the skin. In this way, the skin is stimulated and blood circulation increases. It is aimed to increase the cell renewal of the skin in response to this external stimulus given to the skin.

Cells stimulated under the skin produce the secretions needed by the skin, such as collagen, faster and eliminate skin problems and create a tighter and more aesthetic skin. Dermapen application triggers even cell renewal, which has almost stopped with the slowdown of metabolism due to age, and helps to gradually correct the damage to the skin.

How is Dermapen Application Done?

For the procedure, a dermapen device made of stainless steel with very fine-tipped sterile needles is used. The thickness of the needles varies between 0.5-2.5 mm. Your doctor begins to apply the dermapen with the appropriate tip by analyzing your skin structure and problems.

The device is in the form of a pen or stick, and it only affects the top layer of the skin during application. Therefore, no bleeding or pain is felt in the dermapen procedure.

Some types of Dermapen are sold in cosmetic markets and people can apply it to themselves. However, the application of dermapen applied for deep defects in the skin is performed by a specialist physician in the clinic and in a sterile environment.

Although the application of Dermapen is mostly applied to the face area of ​​the person, results can be obtained by applying it to areas with cracks such as hips and abdomen when general health is favorable.

In the application of Dermapen, the face is first cleaned and disinfected. Then, if the pain threshold of the person is low, anesthetic cream is applied. Vibrating micro needling technique is applied on the skin with the Dermapen pen. The application takes between 20-40 minutes. With the application, controlled damage is created on the skin and the skin is stimulated.

In this way, the production of substances such as collagen and elastin, which makes the skin young and tight, and also removes imperfections, accelerates under the skin. Dermapen does not injure the skin. It is not a detention process.

When the process is finished, the skin is cleaned with a suitable solution. After the procedure, rich creams such as collagen and peptide are applied to the skin to support the regeneration in that area. Although the application of Dermapen varies from person to person, it is applied in at least 4 sessions with intervals of 4 weeks.

What are the Advantages of Dermapen?

At the end of the procedure, no burns, scars  or spots occur on the skin.

Since the pen-shaped dermapen device is used in the process, it also enters areas that are difficult to reach, such as the edge of the nose, more easily.

It is a less costly and more effective method than other applications.

What Should Be Considered Before Dermapen?

Before the procedure, the skin should be clean and free of make-up.

You should quit smoking and alcohol 2 weeks beforehand in order not to adversely affect the healing process.

You should stop taking blood thinners and supplements 2 weeks in advance.

What are the Benefits of Dermapen?

The benefits of dermapen application for both women and men are as follows:

– It tightens the pores.

-It is effective in passing skin cracks.

– It is effective in the disappearance of fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

-Effective in removing acne scars.

– Removes sun and birthmarks.

– Lightens burn marks.

-Provides a better quality and youthful skin appearance.

– Prevents sagging of the skin. It provides a tighter, smoother and more beautiful looking skin.

In How Many Sessions Does Dermapen Give Results?

Although the structure of the skin in how many sessions the application will give results depends on the size of the problem, the application of the dermapen generally lasts between 4-8 sessions.

Skin Rejuvenation with Dermapen

With the procedure, it is aimed to create a younger, fresher and tighter skin. In this process, the body’s own resources are used completely. The aim is to increase cell regeneration and rejuvenate the skin by accelerating the production of substances that the body has stopped or slowed down for various reasons.

Spot Treatment with Dermapen

With the procedure, sunspots and postpartum spots are completely destroyed after a few sessions. Especially sunspots are spots that are difficult to pass and look bad. These spots disappear completely in a few sessions with Dermapen.

What Does Dermapen Do?

This process is an application that allows the skin to repair and renew itself by increasing cell renewal and collagen synthesis.

How Should Dermapen Care Be Taken?

After the procedure, redness, swelling and bruises may occur on the skin. Lotion is applied to relieve them. Edema may occur after dermapening, especially in sensitive skin. For this, regular ice application is applied and edema is eliminated in a short time.

After the procedure, it is necessary not to go out in the sun for 1 week. If going out, a sunscreen containing spf50 should be applied and a hat should be worn. After the procedure, it is necessary not to take a shower with very hot water, and not to go to the pool or sauna. The doctor’s recommendations should be followed.

What Are the Risks of Dermapen?

There are various risks such as bruising, redness, edema and infection on the skin after the procedure. It is not a suitable application for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes. For this, you should choose the clinic and doctor you will have the procedure correctly.

For Which Skin Problems Is Dermapen Effective?

It is effective for acne scars, spots, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging.

What are the Results of Dermapen Treatment?

After the procedure, a tighter, younger and fresher, problem-free and smooth skin is obtained.

Does Dermapen Application Hurt?

Except for a small tingling sensation during the procedure, no pain is felt. Since local anesthesia is applied before the procedure, the feeling of pain is almost zero. The procedure is made more comfortable by applying cooling anesthesia to people with a low pain threshold.

Is Dermapen Harmful?

There is no harm in applying dermapen if it is done under the control of a specialist doctor.

Dermapen Reviews

“The acne scars on my skin would never go away. After 3 sessions with Dermapen, I started to see the results I wanted. I am very pleased.”

“The lines around my eyes were bothering me a lot. I had a Dermapen done. After the procedure, my skin was more taut and my fine lines were noticeably reduced.”

“I had very enlarged pores on my skin. After the Dermapen, my skin felt color. My pores and skin have become tighter and fresher”.

“I have been going to the Dermapen procedure for 4 sessions. My skin looks brighter. I got rid of my acne scars and I am satisfied.”

“The sun spots on my skin were very noticeable. After a few sessions with Dermapen, my spots have lightened and are now starting to disappear. I was very satisfied.”

Dermapen Prices 2024

Dermapen prices vary depending on factors such as the clinic chosen for the procedure, the experience of the physician, the size of the skin problem and the number of sessions applied. You can contact us immediately to get information about Dermapen Prices 2024.