What is Chin Filling?

Chin Filling is the filling of the chin area to bring the chin into the desired shape. The chin is one of the most prominent and striking areas of the face. The beauty of the chin directly affects the beauty of the face. With aging, genetic and environmental factors, the jaw structure deforms over time and there may be some tissue loss.

In cases where the chin is longer, pointed or smaller than normal, the desired appearance of the chin is easily achieved with the filling process. In this case, it is possible to clarify the chin structure and make the chin more harmonious and proportional to the face without surgery, with the chin filling process.

This filling process, also known as jawline, is one of the most popular aesthetic applications today. Chin filling can be done in structural defects that will be corrected with filling.

The chin filling procedure can be performed on any individual over the age of 18 with a good general health condition. For those under the age of 18, it is expected that the chin shape will settle first. If necessary, chin filling can be done with parental permissions.

Why is Chin Filling Applied?

Before the filling process is performed, an exchange of ideas and various tests are performed between the patient and the physician. Before the procedure, the profile view of the face is photographed from every angle, examined and structural defects are determined.

The appropriate method for filling is selected according to the patient’s expectations. In the filling process, products compatible with the body are used that are not harmful to the human body. There are 3 methods in the process of chin filling. These are:


-Filling method with hyaluronic acid,

-It is listed as the method of injecting the excess fat taken from the person himself.

Before starting these three methods of chin filling, the person is informed about the process, such as necessary tests and situation analyzes. Then the areas to be filled are determined. Hyaluronic acid is mostly used in the process of chin filling. This acid is a beneficial substance produced in the human body and its production decreases as age progresses.

There is no harm to the human body. After exchanging ideas with the patient, the most appropriate method is determined by the physician and applied to the patient. Anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure. If the pain threshold of the person is very low, local anesthesia is applied.

Thus, no pain is experienced during the procedure. The filling process takes about 15-20 minutes. Then the patient can return to normal and work life. There may be redness after the procedure. These will pass soon. Filling is a one-session procedure.

Why Do We Need Chin Filling?

The filling process is performed in cases where the chin structure is not liked and there are structural defects in it. Generally, the situations where the filling process is preferred are as follows:

– Indistinct chin

-The chin is wide or behind,

-Sagging of the chin,

-The chin is pointed or straight,

– In cases where there are deep dimples at the chin tip, chin filling is needed.

What are the Advantages of Chin Filling?

Chin filling, which is a non-surgical method, is a simple and practical procedure performed in a single session. It is comfortable. There is no recovery process. The desired appearance of the chin is achieved in a single session.

After the filling, the person can return to normal life immediately. There is no need to spend long time.

After the filling process, a more pleasant and aesthetic expression is formed on the face.

A younger face is obtained with the clarification of the chin line.

Complications do not develop after the procedure.

There is no feeling of pain during and after the procedure.

What Should Be Considered After Jaw Filling?

The effect of the filling process can be seen clearly after 2-3 days. Redness and swelling after the procedure disappear within 2-3 hours. During this period, you should not enter the bath, sauna and pool.

– Scrub and peeling procedures should not be performed on the chin area.

– Alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed.

What are the deformities observed in the jaw region?

-The chin line is unclear,

– Sagging of the chin,

-Asymmetric chin,

– Loss of volume in the chin,

-Deformities such as the chin being normally large or small are treated with chin filling.

Does Chin Tip Filling Cause Any Problems After Melting?

No, it doesn’t. The hyaluronic acid used in chin filling is absorbed by the body over time and excreted. It has no harm to the jaw or the body.

Which Aesthetic Problems Are Treated With Filling?

With the procedure, aesthetic problems such as inequality in the chin, sagging, asymmetrical structure, cupping, deep dimples at the tip of the chin are easily treated. With chin filling, the chin becomes more prominent. This adds a more bony and masculine air to the face. Filling process is not applied for the disorders in the jaw that are advanced and require surgical treatment.

How Long Is the Filling Permanent?

Although the filling process varies according to the quality of the material used and from person to person, the permanence period is generally between 1-1,5 years.

Is Filling Recoverable?

Yes. Since the hyaluronic acid injected in the chin filling is compatible with the human body and can dissolve, if the result of the filling process is not liked, the filling can be melted and the process can be reversed.

For this procedure, filling solvent is injected into the area where the filling is made, and the filling dissolves in a short time and the chin returns to its original state. This is a situation that relieves patients psychologically.

How Long is the Chin Filling Application Period?

The application period of the jawline procedure, together with the anesthesia period, takes 15-20 minutes. The application period is short, does not require hospitalization and does not adversely affect daily life.

Is Filling Painful and How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The filling process is performed in the clinic under sterile conditions and by a specialist physician. No pain is felt as it is matched with the anesthetic cream. Filling is a comfortable filling process that ends in 15-20 minutes.

Can A Young Face Be Obtained With Chinline Filling?

Yes. For a youthful face appearance, it is necessary to have a triangular facial line. With the aging effect, the chin structure gains a more oval appearance. With the chin filling, the chin line is brought to a more triangular and prominent structure. In this way, the face also gains a younger appearance.

How Many CC Fillers Should Be Used for Chin Filling?

Although the size of the chin varies depending on the chin structure and position, 2 cc or 2 injector fillers are required for filling.

Those Who Have Chin Filling Operation

“My chin and jaw line became clear with chin fillers. My face looks younger and attractive. I was very satisfied.”

“I wish I had deposited the transaction earlier. I completely got rid of the dimples and asymmetrical appearance on my chin. I did not feel any pain during the procedure.”

-“ With chin fillers, I easily got the chin I wanted. Those who see it ask what you put on your face. With the tiny filler on my chin, my entire facial profile has changed and rejuvenated.”

“My chin was lagging behind my face. With the support and encouragement of my doctor, I had a chin filling. My chin became prominent and my facial features gained a more aesthetic appearance without the need for surgery.”

-“ If you are not satisfied with your jaw structure, I would say don’t think about it. I felt pain during the procedure and saw the effect of the filling 2 days later. I am more confident with a fuller and more pronounced chin.”

Chin Filling Prices 2024

Various factors such as the experience of the clinician you choose for the procedure, the amount and quality of the filling material used, and the structural defect in the chin make the prices of the chin filling variable. You can contact us immediately to get information about Chin Filling Prices 2024.