What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is the process of having the breasts of people who are not satisfied with their breast size, by aesthetic operation. With this process, the breasts become tighter, fuller and more symmetrical. The size of the breasts is usually determined by genetic factors.

In addition, there may be changes in breast sizes during periods such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast size may decrease after breastfeeding and in the period of weight loss. By using breast prosthesis, breast augmentation is performed in the desired size and shape.

What is Breast Augmentation Operation?

This aesthetic procedure is an aesthetic surgical procedure performed to achieve fuller and more aesthetic looking breasts in the female body. It is one of the most performed aesthetic types all over the world. Having fuller and larger breasts increases women’s self-confidence and makes them feel more feminine and attractive.

This is the case with many women. The problem of small breasts restricts women in all areas and therefore they cannot act comfortably even in their daily life. For this reason, the desired breast size is achieved with this type of aesthetic operation. Breast augmentation surgery is an operation that is planned and performed in line with the patient’s wishes and expectations.

Why is Breast Augmentation Aesthetics Performed?

This aesthetic surgery, also called mamolasti, is the process of increasing breast size and fullness and changing its shape. The size of the breasts is important for women’s self-confidence and aesthetic beauty. Women who are not satisfied with their breast size want a permanent solution with this aesthetic operation.

Because the permanent solution for breast augmentation can be changed with various massages and creams, but only with surgical aesthetic operations. Today, with the developing medical technologies, breast augmentation operation is easier and heals faster.

Who is suitable for Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

This type of aesthetic operation is suitable for the following patients:

-Loss of self-confidence due to small breasts,

-The breasts do not appear full due to sagging and loss of volume,

-Reduction in breasts depending on weight gain,

-Dissatisfaction with the loss of volume in the breasts,

-Having asymmetrical breasts,

-The breasts are small compared to the body in general,

-You can apply to this method in cases of reconstruction in one or both breasts.

What are the Types of Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

These types of aesthetic operations are performed using two techniques. These; It takes place with or without prosthesis. In breast augmentation operations performed without prostheses, the procedure is performed by fat injection.

During operations using protheses, plastic surgery is performed using drop or round model silicones. In the prosthesis-free breast operation, the procedure is carried out by injecting it into the breasts or taken from the person’s own body.

Breast Augmentation Operation Process

This operation is performed in line with the patient’s demands and expectations by applying various tests to every female patient who has completed the age of 18 and has realistic expectations. First of all, the patient’s complaints and demands are listened to and information is exchanged with the physician.

Measurements such as the patient’s height, weight, shoulder width and body length are taken. Detailed examination is done. In this way, the breast prosthesis in suitable sizes for the patient is determined.

Implants Used in Breast Augmentation Operation

The types of silicone prosthesis used in this type of aesthetic operation differ according to the material and shape it contains. In general, prostheses contain gel with salt water content.

In line with the expectation and demand of the patient, round or drop-shaped silicones are used by the doctor. Implants adapt to the body and do not create a feeling of turbulence. The risk of infection and allergy is negligible.

How is Breast Augmentation Operation Performed?

Although the operation is performed under general anesthesia, it usually takes between 1-2 hours. First, the patient is anesthetized.

Depending on the physical size of the breasts, the anatomical structure of the patient and the skin, the procedure is started by making an incision under the breast, nipple or armpit. With the incision, a pocket is opened where the breast implant will be placed. Using this pocket, the breast implant is placed and the operation is completed by suturing the incision area.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Process

For a quick recovery period after the surgery, the doctor’s recommendations should be followed and the prescribed medications should be used regularly. In this process, mild pain, contractions in the arm, and edema in the breast may occur. To ensure rapid recovery in this process, tobacco products should be discontinued if used.

Using the special bra recommended by the doctor is also important for fast recovery and getting rid of edema. During the healing process, it should not be entered in high humidity and hot environments such as Turkish bath, sauna and solarium. Excessive strenuous sports and physical activities should not be done.

What Should Be Done Before Breast Augmentation?

Before this operation, as in other aesthetic procedures, it is necessary to stop using tobacco products at least 3 weeks before. If drugs such as blood thinners are used, they should be discontinued in consultation with the physician.

Various herbal supplements that will adversely affect healing should not be used. If you have diseases such as flu and cold in this process, it is recommended to have breast augmentation surgery after the disease has passed.

What Can Be Done After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

It is necessary to rest at home after the operation. It is necessary not to pick up heavy things. Using the medicines given by your doctor regularly will both speed up the recovery and reduce your pain.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are frequently asked about breast aesthetics:

Does Silicon Placed Under the Muscle Loss Strength in the Arm?

It will not cause the power pot. Silicones may not be placed under the muscle in people who do heavy sports.

I had breast silicone implanted. How Long After Surgery Can I Board a Plane?

Since there is no air in the silicones used in the surgery, it is not affected by the changing pressure. Therefore, there is no harm in boarding the plane. You can board the plane 4 days after the operation.

Does Breast Silicone Burst Over Time?

While producing prostheses used in surgery, they have been tested by many different experiments and are pressure resistant. For this reason, the risk of explosion of silicones used in augmentation aesthetics is very low.

Does Breast Silicone Shrink?

Breast prosthesis does not shrink over time. Breasts appear larger with edema after surgery. However, when the edema is gone, the breasts reach their real size.

Is There Any Allergy To Breast Silicone?

Although the risk of allergy is very low, it does exist.

Is It Necessary to Change the Breast Silicone?

The new generation implants used are for life and do not need to be changed unless there is any damage.

Will There Be A Scar After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

During the operation, an incision is made and the incision scars are permanent. The incision scars are red at first, but turn to your own skin color over time. The scars are only noticeable when viewed very closely.

Will there be a loss of feeling after breast augmentation?

Loss of sensation is normal and goes away completely after a few months.

Does Breast Prosthesis Cause Cancer?

It is accepted in medical circles that these prostheses do not cause cancer.

Breastfeeding After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breastfeeding is not harmed as the milk glands and milk ducts are not touched during the surgery.

Does Breast Enlargement Cause Breast Sagging?

This varies depending on the quality of the material used and the experience of the physician.

Can Breast Asymmetry Be Corrected With Breast Silicone?

Yes. The breast, which is disproportionate to the augmentation aesthetic, is supported by a prosthesis and thus the breasts are made symmetrical.

How Long Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Take?

The recovery period is between 6-12 months for the breast shape to fit properly.

Will I Have Drainage After the Operation?

The decision will belong to your doctor.

Can I Have My Breast Scans After Breast Silicone?

Yes. Breast aesthetics does not prevent breast screening.

When can breast implant be applied after breastfeeding?

In the post-breastfeeding period, breast implant can be applied after 6 months in order for the breast to recover and not to develop different conditions.

Does Smoking Affect the Healing Process?

Smoking negatively affects the healing process as it narrows the blood vessels and prevents adequate oxygen reaching the cells.

Will the breasts become erect after the operation?

Yes. With the reinforcement made into the breast, the breasts become erect.

Removal of Implants After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Some patients want the implants removed because they are not satisfied. This is possible, but then the breasts look hollow and bad. For this, it is important to think well and decide.

What are the Risks in Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Since narcosis is applied, various complications may develop in the surgery. Pain and swelling may occur. Apart from these, there are various risks such as exploding and tearing of the prosthesis.

Age Limitation of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The patient must be at least 18 years old. Because it is necessary for the breast to complete its development.

Types of Implants Used in Breast Augmentation

Two types of implants are used, namely saline implant and silicone gel implant. More natural results are obtained when silicone gel implants are used.

What is the Difference Between Rough and Smooth Surfaces Available in Breast Implants?

When the outer surface of the implant used is smooth, the problem of excessive hardening, called capsular contracture, may occur in the implant area. This is less common on rough surfaces.

What are the Results of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In line with the patient’s request, it has fuller and attractive breasts with augmentation aesthetics in accordance with its physical appearance. As a result, the patient’s self-confidence is restored.

Breast Augmentation Prices 2024

The price of this aesthetic procedure varies depending on the preferred hospital and the experience of the physician, the treatment method applied to the patient and the extra methods used, and the quality of the prosthesis used. You can contact us immediately to get information about breast augmentation prices 2024.