What is Arm Lift?

Arm Lifting can be performed for arms against sagging due to advanced age and weight gain. Arm aesthetics reveals the beauty of the body and affects the general appearance.

Having drooping arms is particularly troubling for women. Some people need arm lift surgery despite doing sports. It is possible to create muscle tightening through sports and exercise. However, when loosening or sagging of skin elasticity occurs, it is possible to correct this situation with sports.

Despite being thin, sagging and loosening in the arm can cause my person to look overweight and unfit. Conditions such as the loss of elasticity of the skin due to age, the effect of gravity and the decrease in the fat tissue under the skin cause sagging of the skin on the arm.

Especially with the back of the upper arm, sagging occurs from the inside to the elbow. In lifting surgery, excess sagging skin is recovered. At the same time, the arm liposuction procedure is applied. Thinning of the lower arm area is provided.

Why does the arm prolapse?

Excessive weight gain, aging, genetic structure, loss of skin density, excessive exposure to the sun and the effect of gravity cause sagging in certain parts of the arm. The skin and subcutaneous tissue are loose, however, sagging in the back and inner parts of the arm mostly occurs with fat accumulation and skin sagging.

Am I Suitable for Arm Lift Surgery?

Lifting surgery is a method mostly preferred by women over the age of 40. Especially after weight gain and loss situations, the relaxation on the elbow increases. Some skin types tend to loosen. In such patients, the present disorder may appear at an earlier age.

Arm Lift Surgery Techniques

-Scarless arm lift surgery,

-Short watch arm lifting,

-Standard arm lifting,

-We can classify these techniques as extended watch arm lift surgery.

Recovery Process After Arm Lift Surgery

It is not recommended to raise your arms above your shoulders for a minimum of 10 to 14 days. The effort to reach higher puts too much pressure on the armpit area. As a result, it can cause damage to the stitches.

As your arms heal, drains are placed under the incision to prevent fluid accumulation. These are withdrawn at discharge. Self-dissolving sutures can also be used. These stitches disappear within 4 weeks.

Bandages wrapped around the surgical area should be worn for 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Compression garments usually need to be used for 3 days.

Restrictions can make showers difficult. But we usually recommend taking a shower after 48 hours. Most patients usually return to daily life within a few days and non-strenuous activity within a week to ten days.

If you have a desk job, it is possible to return to your job after 1 week of rest. Apart from this, you should be careful not to drive for two weeks. It takes 4 weeks for the stretching sutures to completely heal.

If your job is physically demanding and involves heavy lifting, then wait at least a month to fully recover. After 6 weeks you can do full exercise and sports.

When Will I See the Results of Arm Lift Surgery?

You may find that your arms have become thinner right after the surgery. However, since there is bruising or swelling, you need to wait for the healing process to see the full results. From the 4th week, edema decreases by 80%.

You can clearly see the drastic change in this range. The scars in the armpit and arm area fade from the 3rd month. In the first year, the skin turns full color and becomes indistinct.

What Are the Risks and Potential Side Effects of Arm Lift Surgery?

Lifting surgery is considered a safe procedure. Common risks include swelling, bleeding, bruising, infection, delayed wound healing, fluid accumulation at the wound site. There is also the possibility of complications of anesthesia at the incision site. However, these risks are very low.

Is Arm Lift Surgery Painful?

The surgery is not painful. But you may feel mild aches and pains after the surgery. These aches and pains disappear over time with the painkillers that the doctor will give.

Is the Result of Arm Lift Surgery Permanent?

The result of the surgery depends on the technique applied and the amount of lifting done. However, skin elasticity of the person is very important. During surgery, the arm is stretched as best as possible. However, factors such as excessive weight gain and loss after surgery, age, and gravity may cause sagging in the arm again in the long term.

Is Anesthesia Required in Arm Lift Surgery?

It is possible to perform the aesthetics of mini arm lift with sedation and local anesthesia. Standard arm lift surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

How Long Does Arm Lift Surgery Take?

Although the surgeries vary according to the technique applied, they take approximately 60-90 minutes. takes around.

What is Minimal Incision Lifting?

Lifting is performed by removing excess skin along the length of the arm up to the elbow. After the incision is sutured, the remaining skin becomes more taut, smooth and younger looking.

In order to facilitate the lifting of the arm tissues as well as the tightening of the contours, a light VASER Lipo Selection is performed along the upper arm before tightening the tissues. This method of arm lift with minimal incision significantly reduces the fat tissue. The scar remains only under the armpit.

What is Brachioplasty?

It is the Latin name of lifting surgery, which is the operation of collecting sagging skin and excess fat in the arm area.

If I Gain or Lose Weight, Will the Arm Sag Again?

After a lifting operation, the possibility of lubrication and excess skin in the arm area is extremely low. During the surgery, excess skin and adipose tissue are also removed. In this way, the number of fat cells in the area is also reduced.

If insufficient lifting was performed in the first lifting surgery, then re-lifting can be performed. If the patient loses too much weight after surgery, re-lifting is required. But these are rare cases.

In Which Season Should I Have Arm Lift Surgery?

You can have a lifitng operation at any time. But in the summer, sunscreen should be applied to the scars.

Does Arm Drooping Fix With Exercise?

Muscle tissue develops with exercise. The skin recovers slightly, but it is not a solution for excessive sagging.

Do You Recommend Massage After Arm Lift Surgery?

In order to disperse the edema after the surgery, massage should be applied to this area starting from the 1st month.

Is There Any Scar After Arm Lift Surgery?

Since the incision is made, it is not possible to perform lifting surgery without a scar. But these traces are not obvious. With the hidden traces, neither the front nor the back process becomes clear. The placement of the incision scars is made on the inner side of the arms. The scars become less obvious as time passes after the lifting operation.

It should not be expected that the traces will completely pass from the body. Although the appearance of the scars decreases during recovery, they do not disappear completely. When you look at it in the long term, the scars will not cause any discomfort to the person. In an average of 1 year, the prominence disappears completely.

Non-Surgical Arm Lift (Spider Web Stretching)

It is a technique applied to people with minimal sagging of the arm skin and very little excess skin. Spider web threads placed on the lower side areas of the arm make a painless procedure possible. With the effect of these threads, tightening and collagen production increase in the arm skin.

Arm Lift Prices 2024

Prices vary depending on liposuction, short or long arm lifting. You can contact us immediately to get information about arm lifting prices 2024.